The CLG Philosophy

As with a house, a strong foundation sets a solid footing, and with Canopy Life Georgia, the integrity of our team sets that footing.

    A five star builder rated four years by Houzz, a seasoned talented design staff, and a well respected realty team established in the Georgia mountain community for more than 30 years, comprise that team.

    We strive to articulate a sense of natural presence, like nature, we evolve our designs seeking mastery and refined expression.  From a tree top canopy villa, to a family mountain lodge, we insure that you will become one with nature.  Our land or yours, our plan or yours, together we will build the home of your dreams.

    CLG’s highly experienced Realtors provide exceptional service by understanding your needs and exceeding your expectations to help you find your dream home.
Licensed in Florida and Georgia.

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   Using advanced 3D architectural modeling technology and construction techniques, CLG can custom tailor any interior design and exterior facade to meet your budget and lifestyle.

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   CLG offers a variety of residential construction services tailored to your needs such as project management, design, construction, renovation & restoration.

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   Premier In-House Lenders provide you with information of today’s trending markets and products to help you obtain competitive financing for land acquisition through construction.

Our agents are licensed and Insured in Florida and Georgia.

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