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Vacation Rental Option

     Are you looking for a vacation home that helps pay for itself between your many visits? Are you looking for a home you hope to retire in, or leave to a loved one? Or, are you looking to buy a vacation home that’s a revenue generating machine?  A good vacation rental investment can pay for itself.  A great vacation rental investment has the potential to turn you a profit.

At Helen Highcrest Summit, it boils down to just three words:

Location - Location - Location

Your goals can be achieved.

The benefits

-Income Generation:  White County in the Georgia Mountains is a proven vacation area centrally located, which draws millions of vacationers throughout the year to its many towns and natural sites.

-Home appreciation:
Vacation rental homes, in most cases, increase in property value over non-rental homes.

-Tax benefits:  Enjoy all or most of the same tax deductions of a first home.

-Dual-use property:  Your choice, when using it for business or pleasure.

-Hands-off ownership:  A local full-service property management group equipped with the latest vacation rental sites such as Airbnb, VRBO and others.  You can enjoy all the benefits of a vacation rental investment with none of the hassles.

-Recession friendly:  Based on the lessons of the 2009 recession, people don’t stop taking vacations when the economy slows down.

Feel free to call us to discuss the ease of renting and managing your vacation home.  

At CLG, we build lifestyles.